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Hybrid Engines

The ultimate
Hybrid Engines/Electric Vehicles to Power Generation

Hybrid Engines

About Hybrid Engines

This hybrid engine is the electrical generator invention as applied, for engineering and manufacturing.The products may be used as a gearbox coupled for various conventional applications such as conveyors etc. with operational savings, to hybrid engines with the extent being power stations.

The hybrid engine system is an alternative energy source and has many applications with exceptional benefits for investors in the manufacturing business to governments and consumers, including climate change and the environment with zero emissions, and also a great contributor for the preservation of depleting fossil fuels.

The world has 53.3 years of oil left at current rates of extraction, according to BP’s annual report at the end of 2013. Check the fuel consumption at the Gov. website for current data. These products in comparison to existing systems, as described in the descriptive documentation link, and under the table of typical efficiencies,including an impressive financial review.

The energy source may derive from batteries, for the use in mobile applications Such as hybrid cars, boats and generators etc. or used with existing conventional energy systems with batteries for the initial unit in series for power stations, all pending on the application requirements for example units in isolated locations.

This hybrid engine is an electrical – mechanical and fluid power system with the initial driving source being batteries as the energy (fuel) source. Due to the high efficiencies obtained, the hybrid engine has the extended battery life duration by self-recharging.

As a hybrid engine unit this system has no comparison in operational costs compared to conventional and other engines available on the market.

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